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Education is considered to be the process whereby an individual’s behaviour, attitude and general perception of life is changed through the process of learning.

It is dangerously misleading to think that peace means the absence of war. Peace does not just mean the absence of war. Peace is a condition that ensures justice and social stability through formal and informal institutions, practices and norms.

Peace is considered to be a general condition where there is calm and order in a specific environment, mind or body. When there is peace, that means, there is no disturbance of any sort as to cause things not to move the way they should move. When there is peace within you, you will radiate it and progress faster. The same is applicable to relationships, groups, communities, states, nations and the world at large.

At STEVEN’S PEACE INSTITUTE, we teach you peace education, we teach you the benefits and help you to practise it. We help you to keep it and to keep building it. We resolve intra personal and inter-personal conflicts; We handle intra-group and inter-group conflicts; We resolve communal conflicts, inter-state conflicts, national conflicts and international conflicts.

To begin that journey towards peace now, dial any of the following numbers and begin the process:

Nigerian clients: Tel: +2347030000001

International clients: +19093663551

We are peace educators. We are experts in peace making, peace keeping, peace building, conflict resolution, conflict management & conflict transformation. We have global outreach.

——-Dr. Steven E. Nwosu (PhD) Peace Studies & Conflict Resolution.



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